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Welcome to HymnTracks, the brainchild of Vickey Taylor and Randy Kartchner. As they performed around the country and listened to feedback from Christian audiences, they sensed the need for easy-to-use, simple arrangements of the most beloved Christian hymns and Christmas carols. Too often, a pianist was not available. Too often, a soloist yearned for a new and creative arrangement of a traditional piece.

So - HymnTracks was born. Teaming with Cory Ellsworth, Randy and Vickey have now created beautiful arrangements of 25 hymns that are full of depth and feeling.

Each hymn has four tracks to choose from:

  1. Piano in a medium key
  2. Piano and strings in a medium key
  3. Piano, strings and a guide vocal
  4. Piano in a higher key (major third higher)

That’s 100 tracks to choose from?with more to come. We feel confident that, with a choice of piano only, or piano with strings arrangement, you will find something appropriate and perfect for use!

More than a product, HymnTracks is a chance to convey a sweet message of Christ’s power and love.

We hope you enjoy them!

Randy Kartchner is a wonderfully gifted and noted songwriter, producer, arranger with hundreds of songs to his credit. His beautiful arrangements do more than accompany the singer- they go to the heart and soul of the listener. His thoughtful tracks lift the soul and move the spirit. He understands that we can get closer to God through music than in any other way, except prayer!

Vickey Taylor is a gifted songwriter and vocalist, who loves what music can do when it is felt deep within. Her heartfelt approach to the arrangements here at HymnTracks makes for simplicity of singing, yet with generous space for each singer to share praise according to his or her own personality. She knows what music can do for the heart and soul.

Cory Ellsworth is a talented musician blessed with a heart of gold. His desire to reach the masses with projects that move the soul has forged in him a focus on bringing the good gift of many musical projects, programs, and products. A writer and creator himself, Cory’s work is focused on creating and producing hymn tracks that will allow more folks to share their talent and love of God.

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